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The New York Music Pool DJs with their music

...recommends DJs to those who need them

...provides promotional assistance to record companies

In 1975, the first RECORD POOL was established by David Mancuso with help from Steve D'Acquisto and Paul Casella.  It was known as THE NEW YORK RECORD POOL.  It revolutionized the promotion of dance music by organizing the distribution of vinyl records into the hands of verified qualified DJs.


Our founder, Jackie McCloy, originally wanted our organization to become a sub-chapter of the New York Record Pool to service the DJs located on nearby Long Island.  David, Steve and Paul decided that they needed to focus their attention on their Manhattan operation, but they wished Jackie well in starting a similar organization, which he did two months later (first known as L.I. Disco DJ's, then Long Island Record Pool).


About two years later, the New York Record Pool disbanded and about a half-dozen smaller Record Pools were established as a result.  The dominant organization became known as For The Record, owned by Judy Weinstein and operated by David Morales.


Fast forward three decades later and For The Record (the last remaining Dance Music Record Pool in New York) ceased operation.

Jackie McCloy asked the major label representatives if they wanted his Long Island Record Pool to service the entire New York metropolitan area and they agreed.  In tribute to the first Record Pool and to reflect the larger geographical region that was now being covered by is organization, Jackie changed the name from Long Island Record Pool to New York Music Pool.

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