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Send NO MONEY now!     Just let us know who you are and that you are interested:


We offer the best digital dance music service available.  Get access to literally hundreds of dance music labels, with THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of tracks.  More dance music than you will believe!!!



     There is NEVER a long-term contract to lock you in, so if you ever decide it is not right for you, simply cancel with no problem.  (Hey, if you hit the lottery, you may want to stop working as a DJ and buy your own club).  Until then check out this offer...


     Register now for a full month of UNLIMITED high-quality downloads. The cost:  Only $30.00 to try it out (Try it, you'll like it).  Distance yourself from the others now by getting lots of GREAT music quickly and easily.


     Send no payment now, just complete this form and we will contact you.

PO Box 423

Baldwin, New York 11510  U.S.A.


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