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Whether you are a DJ... want a DJ... or NEED a DJ, contact us.

If you ARE a DJ:


     We service our participating DJs with the most comprehensive digital music service, consisting of various music genres from hundreds of dance music labels.  Unlike some other services, the music you are provided with is yours to use FOREVER!  It does NOT disappear or become "locked" if you do not continue to participate in your subscription.                                       if you want to try our service.  (Try it, you'll like it!)  AND there are no contracts to lock you in.  It's a no-brainer!

If you want a DJ:


      We recommend DJs to nightclubs (based upon what type of club it is) and to individuals for events (weddings, anniversaries, reunions, bar mitzvahs and more)... and yes there is a BIG difference between a top DJ for each of these very different situations.  If you are interested in a recommendation to a true professional                                     to send us an email message and receive a recommended DJ.

If you NEED a DJ in a hurry for an emergency situation:


     In an emergency situation where a DJ scheduled to do a performance is ill, injured or has a desperate personal situation, we can often provide backup service.  You may call Jackie on his personal cellphone number (1-917-331-5041) ONLY if you are in this type of jam.

All others use the methods listed above to contact us.

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